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The Wild Beauty Foundation's inaugural Wild Horse Week will be planned for the fall of 2021, where WBF will partner with schools across the United States. Over the course of a single week, participating schools will engage in wild horse education and special screenings of select material from WBF's upcoming documentary, Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West and possibly other equestrian themed projects.

After learning more about wild horses, participating students who wish to be involved in helping the cause will then pledge to write a letter to their Senator, or to the President. These are hand written or typed and printed, and can be coupled with art or another personalization by each student. This massive influx of letters will be sent on the same week to advocate for the protection of America’s wild horses. This timeless letter-writing push will of course be coupled with a social media campaign.

WBF's Wild Horse Week is inspired by the 1971 letter writing campaign done by children spearheaded by "Wild Horse Annie," where President Nixon suddenly received so many letters from young Americans about protecting wild horses, that he was prompted to sign into law the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. President Nixon only received more letters about one other issue during his term: The Vietnam War.

We feel that a collective push like this through young Americans will be the type of statement that can enact seminal change.

WBF's Ashley Avis, Edward Winters, and possibly other team members from our projects will personally tour several major cities over the course of Wild Horse Week. Pending the unique state of the world right now, Wild Horse Week may kick off virtually, or have a virtual component.

Check this page in early 2021 for more information about Wild Horse Week. We also will be looking for title sponsors in early 2021.

Reading this information early, and want to participate?
If you are a brand, a school, a teacher, an artist, or celebrity who wants to talk to WBF, contact us.