Growing up playing polo professionally in Argentina, Spain and Sweden, horses were always in Alex’s DNA. One of the top female polo players in Europe, and a descendant of horse people, her grandfather taught the king in Romania how to ride. While Alex never met him, she was always obsessed with her grandfather and would study his pictures on horses and try to understand how to be a better rider.

After starting to ask deeper questions about the way horses were treated and ridden, Alex recalls “she drove her trainers crazy.” She asked questions such a “but why four reins?” “Can’t you make them run faster because they want to run faster?” “Can I try and play this game without a bit?”The sincere connection to her horse always came first to Alex.

After being told “you can’t do that,” Alex “threw her polo mallet” to the ground, and spent years developing her own method on how to connect with horses. “Complicated, damaged, crazy, you name it. I love them all,” she says.

Alex lives in California and runs her own program, teaching EQ Emotional Intelligence.

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