Newt + Bartleby & Hiatt Family

Our Story

The Hiatt Family approached The Wild Beauty Foundation about adoption after having lost a horse very important to them after twenty six special years. Instead of going to purchase a horse, they had a family meeting and decided to save a life. That life soon turned into three! Read more below.

From Adopter Heidi

“We had a family talk about what it really meant to “own a pet”, to be responsible for not just the life, but for the soul. We decided that night (actually took a family vote and all) that we couldn’t live our “everyday lives” anymore without a horse in them every day! We looked at breeders and into auctions and by random happenstance received a message from a gal named Ashley who just so happened to have a few pretty ponies in her circle that were looking for a 2nd chance.

Then Newt happened and he happened in a big way. I couldn’t tell you if it was his picture or his story or the dire situation, he was in but something right then and there told my heart it could beat again, and that he was the start to how. So, we jumped!

The beginning of journey that would lead us to finding two other lost souls to complete our herd of misfits. One of which has been affectionately named Bartleby. He’s the tall and graceful good-looking troublemaker of the bunch. Newt who you have already been introduced to as the boy who stole my broken heart, well he continues to put pieces of it back together daily as we try to figure each other out through the process of healing. Last but not least there is our little Spyro. He was the last-minute wild card that took us by surprise. During this whole nerve wrecking process our older donkey Elliot sadly succumbed to colic, and his mate Puffin didn’t handle his passing well (to be honest none of us did). Luckily God, and Ashley happened to be on the same page and they arranged for the rescue of the littlest member of our team who has wrapped up sadness and given us back a gift that can’t be measured by risks taken or money spent but in the smile on our family’s heart. I’m not gonna lie, it helps that the girls love them so much they are willing to muck the paddocks without a single complaint #responsibility.”