The Wild Beauty Foundation was founded by filmmakers, so we are excited to utilize our unique entertainment platform to bring about a new kind of awareness, while also delighting audience members the world around with cinematic, emotional, equine driven stories.

Black Beauty

Feature Film on Disney+

In this modern day retelling of Anna Sewell’s timeless classic, Beauty is born free a wild horse rounded up in the American West. She is taken away from her herd, her family, and all she has ever known— before meeting a spirited teenage girl named Jo Green.

Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West

Documentary Coming in Late 2022

In this sweeping, immersive documentary brought to you by WBF, we’ll explore the history of wild horses and their complex family dynamics in a way never before captured in cinema. The film will be making its film festival debut this fall, so be sure to follow WBF social media channels for exclusive content!

Mustang Docu-Series

Social Mini Series Available Now

This multi part mustang docs-series will feature incredible trainers of wild horses, including legendary horse whisperer Monty Roberts. Learn more about the history of wild horses, how to protect them, and their amazing gifts and intelligence!

WBF Speaker Series

Live Talks on WBF's Facebook Page

In an exciting monthly speaker series, we’ll be talking to equine loving celebrities around the world about horses— from famous actors, musicians, artists, photographers, and more.
Each series will benefit the rescue of a horse in need, so stay tuned and jump aboard to listen in and donate!