About Us

Our Mission

The Wild Beauty Foundation is dedicated to protecting the wild horses, wolves, and wildlife of our time by bringing awareness to critical issues through film, education, and advocacy.

WBF seeks to illuminate the antiquated nature of devastating wild horse roundups, the existence of mass holding facilities for equids, the reality of slaughter, and the heartbreaking separation of bonded equine families.

WBF is also committed to ending the torture and senseless killing of wolves and wildlife.  Learn more about our grassroots effort “A Cry for the Wild.”

WBF has been created for advocates of all ages to join us, and we promote strong, powerful, and elegant messaging with children and adults.  We feel the voices of tomorrow are essential to leaving a legacy for the wild world today.

Through our unique entertainment platform, WBF has also created films such as the award-winning Oscar contender WILD BEAUTY: MUSTANG SPIRIT OF THE WEST, which has become an educational tool in schools and universities, along with assisting our efforts in Congress. We have launched campaigns such as “I Stand With Wild Horses,” hosted horse “meet and greets” such as A Day with a Horse for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – and we have also performed boots-on-the-ground rescues of horses in need.  Every life matters.

Thank you for joining us in our mission, and for being a supporter of WBF!

Two horses

Our Story

A Statement from Founder & WBF President Ashley Avis

A few years ago, I embarked on a journey that would change my life.  As both a longtime equestrian, as well as a filmmaker— my passions suddenly collided when I was brought aboard to write and direct the feature film Black Beauty based on the classic by Anna Sewell for Disney.

Like so many others, I grew up with the iconic novel— which inspired my great love of horses.  It was not until later in life, however, that I would come to discover some of the heartbreaking issues they are facing today.  From wild horse roundups, the seperation of families, sterilization experiments, the fact that healthy horses, pregnant mares, and foals are legally shipped across our borders to unthinkable fates.

As I came across all of this, and imbued our modern Black Beauty retelling with these powerful themes— I knew we had to go further.  My husband and partner Edward and I knew we were given the gift of a platform for a reason, and had an incredible opportunity to make a lasting difference long after the credits rolled.

Utilizing the power of our unique entertainment lens, The Wild Beauty Foundation is dedicated to promoting powerful, elegant, youth friendly messaging to make lasting change— while also bringing the positive, therapeutic world of horses to children and families.

We hope you join us in creating a legacy for the horses of our time, today.

— Ashley

Ashley Avis on the set of Disney's Black Beauty
Wild Beauty Foundation Founder Ashley Avis with "Black Beauty" on set.