Corporate or Brand Sponsorships

The Wild Beauty Foundation was founded in the fall of 2020, and is in a stage of timely, important growth. We are currently seeking brand sponsors, corporate sponsors, and founding donors to help cultivate our programs and support our greater vision.

For more information about joining us in one of these capacities, please contact Edward Winters directly at

Founding Donor Circle

Founding Donors are a small group of individuals who make the first meaningful contributions toward the early growth of WBF.

Names of the Founding Donors will be displayed on the WBF website, and they will receive priority invitations and access to all special events, screenings, and major WBF activities.


Title Sponsors & Legacy Sponsors are brands or corporations who creatively partner with WBF to cross promote our mission and objectives, while also providing a meaning financial contribution, either in a single sum (Legacy Sponsors) or yearly annuity (Title Sponsors).

Given WBF’s unique entertainment platform, we will develop dedicated campaigns that further the WBF vision alongside Title Sponsors & Legacy Sponsors, whether it be including them in our filming, still photography, docu-series videos, event branding, educational materials, and more.

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Friends of WBF are corporate brands or individual donors who wish to support WBF programs or activities with a financial contribution, or by providing in-kind donations or volunteer services.

Thank you for supporting The Wild Beauty Foundation.