Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West

Wild Beauty: An Immersive Documentary

Get swept up into the world of the wild ones.  Through this cinematically stunning, immersive experience that leads the viewer through what it is like to be out on the range, or literally amongst a herd of galloping horses, our innovative footage of mustangs— eliciting their joys, families, hardships and plight— will take your breath away.  

Through this WBF production, we are hoping to raise a new, unprecedented awareness for the wild horses of today.  

Wild Beauty:  Mustang Spirit of the West is coming to you soon in 2022!  Follow WBF on social media to get exclusive content on the creation of the documentary!

Check out some screenshots, as well as behind the scenes photos of the WBF crew below!

Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West

Written & Directed by Ashley Avis
Produced by Edward Winters, Ashley Avis, Richard Avis
Executive Producers Jeremy Bolt, Laurel Werner, Andres Liljeblad
Partners Marty Irby and Cameron Ring

Cinematography by Kai Krause
1st AD Briana del Giorno
Sound Mixer Joey Paul
Stills by Marcelo Araujo, Todd Westphal, Tom Kubik

Sponsored by Blundstone and the Xanadu Fund at Greater Horizons

A Winterstone Pictures production