Willow & Amber

Our Story

After The Wild Beauty Foundation did our first big rescue, saving thirteen horses (“The Lucky 13”) out of a kill pen in Texas, we were soon contacted by a potential adopter named Amber in Michigan, who instantly felt a strong connection with one particular gray mare. That lucky mare would soon receive the name of “Willow”.

Willow was beautiful but unhandled, unsure, and scared. Within about a month’s time with her loving new owner, Willow has opened up. She is following Amber everywhere, and is happily wearing her beautiful halter. She is already getting comfortable with a bridle and saddle, and Amber has in turn now become an Ambassador for WBF. We cannot wait to continue to follow this spectacular journey.

From Adopter Amber

My horse’s journey simply began with following kill pen pages on social media. I was awestruck by the conditions that so many stunning horses were enduring at these facilities. One day, I found myself scrolling a page and saw a video of ten or so horses that were yet to be listed at Kaufman. As I was watching with a sobered heart, I noticed this stately mare gracefully trot by the camera, turn, and then look straight at the person filming. Her ears were erect, her stance was bound by a perfect conformation, her intelligent eyes were kind, and although you could tell there was a curiosity for interaction, she was too fearful to will herself to trust people. Right then and there, I decided to do whatever I had to do to find her. After a series of jumps in the social network, I found the Wild Beauty Foundation and Ashley, who had thankfully rescued her from her situation at Kaufman. Ashley quickly reaffirmed that my connection with this beautiful mare was real and that destiny had asserted itself in my finding this horse – it was then that I knew I was ready and began this journey as a horse owner with this Wild Beauty.

After a month of planning and a lot of teamwork, we were able to get this beautiful mare, Miss Willow, transported to me in Michigan. She is all that I thought she would be, and so much more! After her short tenure with our wonderful trainers here in Michigan, we have quickly discovered that Willow loves challenges and is quite courageous, as she has blown past nearly all of her milestones in record time. I lend so much of her progress to my trainers and my daily round pen workouts. I have also discovered through her DNA test that she is a Hanoverian/Turkoman cross, implying that she is very receptive to Liberty work. Who would’ve thought that there would be such a stunning warmblood in a Texas Kill pen! Already, in two short months, she has gone from being alarmed by human touch to letting me brush down her entire body, and to taking a saddle and bit. I am so lucky to board Willow just 10 minutes from my home, allowing me to visit her daily, to spoil her with soaked alfalfa and lots of shoulder rubs and kisses.

It is this combination of providing a structured and secure lifestyle, her wonderful training, and our deep connection that have enabled her incredible progress. Without the Wild Beauty Foundation and Ashley, none of this would have been possible. Willow’s story teaches us that through WBF’s impactful work, you can save a horse that is in dire in need, who could also take on any equestrian sport with top marks!

Every time I see Miss Willow, she gives me a joyful whinny, and that simple act of horsey happiness says it all – this incredible organization gave that to me and to Willow, and I am forever grateful!