Ambassador Horses

Get to know the incredible WBF Ambassador Horses as they help further our mission of bringing timeless messages such as empathy, compassion, healing, and awareness to children and families.


Ghost, Wild Beauty Foundation Ambassador Horse

Ghost is an 11 year old Lusitano gelding, who is currently battling advanced melanoma.  Ghost debuted his mission with The Wild Beauty Foundation in 2021, getting to know the children of St. Jude Hospital during an immersive live event between California and Memphis!

A sweetheart of a horse, and apparently very apt with words, Ghost was so inspired that he began writing letters to the kids. 

Ghost is excited to continue meeting children who can benefit from the therapeutic presence of a horse. 

Mackenzie Foy, Ghost, and Ashley Avis
Ghost being ridden

Above are photos of WBF Ambassador Mackenzie Foy with Ghost.

A letter from Ghost (left), we hear he has started writing to not only the kids of St. Jude, but his letters are being included in LaLaHorse Boxes (one of our partners!)

Zephyra & Zion

Zephyra & Zion at roundup

Zephra and Zion are two mustangs we witnessed being rounded up in 2019 in Nevada which took the freedom of approximately 800 horses. The paint colt, Zion was only about a month old, and Zephyra his mother was estimated to be about six.

Thanks to the help of Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue and The American Wild Horse Campaign, WBF Founders were able to find them at the mass holding facility, and officially adopt them.

“Zephyra” is named for the “goddess of the West Wind” and “Zion” is named for her “sun”.

Z&Z are currently in training, and will hopefully be ready to meet people in person soon! In the meantime, they will be a featured part of our Mustang Mini Series as we chronicle their stories from the very beginning.

The photos above are of Zephra & Zion being rounded up by two helicopters which chased them for miles.  The Triple B herd was broken up, and both Z&Z lost their families.  Thankfully, the two were reunited with one another at a holding facility, where we found them amongst a thousand other wild horses hoping to be adopted.

This next chapter is of “Z&Z” at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, CA.  We are so grateful to Jill Starr and Cheyenne Price for helping with their care.