"A Day With a Horse"

The Wild Beauty Foundation recently launched “A Day with a Horse” with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

WBF was honored to be able to create this special experience, and to bring the joy and healing nature of horses to the kids.

On a beautiful day in April, WBF brought Ambassador Horse “Ghost,” who is also battling cancer, to the children live via Zoom. This immersive, virtual experience began with a Q&A by WBF Ambassador and Black Beauty star Mackenzie Foy— as well as WBF Founder and filmmaker Ashley Avis. The kids tuned in from Memphis, while the cast and crew streamed live from Happy Horse Ranch in Old Agoura Hills, outside of Los Angeles.

Alex Saidac riding Ghost

After talking with Ashley and Mackenzie about Black Beauty the film, and all things horses— Ghost did a demonstration for the kids, galloping around bareback and bridle-less with his trainer, Alexandra Saidac. Alex educated the children about natural horsemanship, and what it is like to train a horse with kindness and compassion. The day concluded with feeding Ghost apples, carrots, and his favorite treat of all— watermelon.

Ashley Avis and Mackenzie Foy on Zoom

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A Huge Thank You Goes Out To Our Team

Director / Editor: Ashley Avis
Producer: Edward Winters
Cinematography: Kai Krause

Title Sponsor: Blundstone
Gear generously provided by: CSLA
Location generously provided by: Happy Horse Ranch

1st AC: Briana del Giorno
Still Photos: Tom Kubik
Sound: Joey Paul