The Wild Beauty Foundation is excited to host “WBF LIVE”
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Tune in to listen to some incredible experts, artists, and celebrities talk about wild horses, wolves, and the protection of our wild world.


Sunday, June 16th
Instagram Live @wildbeautyspirit
Neuroscientist Dr. Sab Cohen-Hatton x Ashley Avis x Jonas Black
1pm PST / 4pm EST
In conversation about the psychology of senseless torture and killing, and what drove Cody Roberts in Daniel, Wyoming.  

. . .

Saturday, June 15th
Instagram Live @wildbeautyspirit
Ashley Avis x Kim Bean x Kristin Combs
In conversation about the upcoming “Cry for the Wild” in Washington D.C. and what you can do to help wolves and wildlife surrounding the events of this important week.

. . .

Tuesday, June 11th
Instagram Live @wildbeautyspirit
Jonas Black x Ashley Avis
4:30pm PST / 7:30pm EST
In conversation about the wolf torture and killing in Daniel, Wyoming, what advocates can do, and “A Cry for the Wild” in Washington D.C.