Ash & Ari

Our Story

A few weeks ago, we got a call about a little mare who was tied to a post in someone’s backyard, with no water and no shade. The poor horse was extremely emaciated with bones clearly showing through. WBF made some calls and thanks to a team of amazing livestock officers, including Sergeant Jerry and Officer Stone, the mare was surrendered and taken into their custody. WBF adopted her, and paired the mare with her new loving owners to start the journey of rehabilitation.

Lucky for this little mare, she now has a girl of her very own named Ari… and Ari decided to name her “Ash”. Both girl and her horse are spending time together getting to know one another, and the transformation that has begun happening in a few short weeks is truly remarkable.

WBF is overseeing her care and we will continue to follow the journey of Ash and Ari, for it has only just begun!