This Week in Wild Beauty: November 12th, 2022

THIS WEEK IN WILD BEAUTY: November 12th, 2022

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Thank You for Supporting WBF’s #IStandWithWildBurros Week

WBF’s #IStandWithWildBurros Week has concluded but that does not mean our love for these equines must come to an end! We thank everyone who shared a post about their own wild burro experiences or facts about these wild ones this past week, we know that because of you, wild burros will hold an important role in equine advocacy. We want to give everyone another chance to stand with these magnificent creatures, so if you have not done so already, we encourage you to send a letter to your Members of Congress urging them to support H.R. 5203, also known as “The Ejiao Act”.

The Ejiao industry is threatening our global donkey population, and our American wild burros are being put at risk. Contact your local members of Congress and encourage them to support The Ejiao Act and the protection of donkeys and wild burros.

You can send a letter directly through our Call to Action below. This form will send a pre-written email to your local lawmakers educating them on the importance of shutting down the trade of Ejiao and urging them to support that the bill is passed into law. To make each letter personal, we recommend adding your own comments on the protection of wild burros and donkeys before sending.

You can also share this important cause with your friends on social media by using the hashtag, #IStandWithWildBurros .

These beautiful equines need our love and advocacy more than ever.


A Still from Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West

Ashley Avis Talks Wild Beauty in St. Louis TV Interview

We are proud that our documentary, Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West is continuing to bring about major press for wild horses across the country. WBF founder and director, Ashley Avis, was interviewed by Fox2 St. Louis to talk about the film’s debut at the St. Louis International Film Festival. 

Avis talks about her inspiration behind the documentary and why it is important to shine a spotlight on the plight of wild horses in our country. We hope that this interview, among others, sparks continued conversations about our wild world and inspires others to join the fight to protect the freedom and beauty of our wild horses.

You can watch the full interview, here.


Photo Credit: Hollynn Lee

Remembering Norman

Some sad news came out of the Onaqui range this past week, as the stunning cremello stallion lovingly known as Norman, has passed away. Norman’s truly unique personality is one we will always remember; despite his comical nature, he was undoubtedly a gentleman and patient soul within the Onaqui herd. He was the leader of the famous “Three Amigos,” comprised of Norman, Rudy, and Rowan – all bachelors who were inseparable and a constant source of comic relief out on the range. Rowan was found lame and euthanized days before the 2021 roundup of the Onaqui herd, so with Norman’s passing, we are saddened to think of Rudy without his two buddies. We at WBF pay tribute to Norman this week as we continue to bring awareness to wild horses just like him.

Norman was humanely euthanized after he was found suffering from serious injuries to his front leg. The precise cause of the injury is unknown. We are encouraged that those monitoring the range reported his condition and Bureau of Land Management staff were able to put an end to his suffering in a humane way. Though we are heartbroken by his passing, this is the reality of wild horses living free on the range. They should all have the opportunity to live wild and free until their time on Earth is up, without facing the inhumanities of harsh helicopter roundups.

Like many followers of the Onaqui, we at WBF considered Norman as one of our favorite wild horses to encounter on the range. During the creation of Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West, we were able to capture his stunning life on film. We are incredibly thankful we had this opportunity, and that we are now able to share Norman’s legacy with others through Wild Beauty.

May you forever gallop the wide open sky, Norman, united at last with your compadre, Rowan. You have left hoofprints on our hearts.


Short Story Contest Graphic

The Last Day to Submit Short Story Contest Entries is November 15th!

Don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to have your story read by an equine loving celebrity! Children and teens are invited to submit their short stories with a topic of “Connection & Wild Horses” to our 2nd annual short story contest by November 15th, 2022. We encourage you to get your stories in early so they can be considered by our wonderful panel of judges who await reading what your imaginations have brought to life!

To submit your story or find out more about WBF’s 2nd Annual Short Story Contest, follow the link below!


Photography by Kimerlee Curyl

BLM to Release 62 Horses Back into the Cedar Mountain HMA

This Monday, the BLM will release 50 mares and 12 stallions back into the Cedar Mountain Herd Management Area outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. The mares were treated with GonaCon fertility control treatment and the 12 stallions will be released to “maintain genetic diversity” according to the BLM.

This summer, the Cedar Mountain HMA faced a roundup of over 630 wild horses, leaving just 190-390 wild. 38 horses were released shortly after the roundup, with the additional 62 of this release bringing the number to 100. We are encouraged that these horses will be able to experience freedom once more, though we know their freedom will not be as it was before the roundups.

If you are in the Salt Lake City area, you can view their release on November 14th at mile marker 20 on Highway 196. The convoy will depart at 1:30 p.m. sharp. You can find more information on the release, here.


Photograph by Carol Walker

BLM Reissues Solicitation on Fertility Control Programs

In a November 10, 2022 statement, the Bureau of Land Management reissued its solicitation for proposals to improve and expand fertility control measures to manage wild horse and burro populations. The statement repeats a number of longstanding BLM falsities, including that wild horses and burros are overpopulated and damaging the range – a statement that deliberately omits mention of the millions of livestock that the agency’s own data shows is responsible for overgrazing.

The statement also restates the false claims that helicopter roundups are humane and that serious injuries are rare, which disregards the hundreds of wild horses and burros that have been mortally wounded and/or killed over the past two years as part of the BLM’s aggressive campaign to remove tens of thousands of animals from our rangelands.

While the Wild Beauty Foundation agrees that fertility control has a limited role to play in wild horse and burro management, it is no substitute for prioritizing wild equines over commercial livestock on designated Herd Management Areas. Finding better and more efficacious fertility control methods is a worthy effort, but the $20 million being offered might be better spent updating population census methods, improving range and water conditions, and enhancing forage for wild equines and wildlife.

To be clear, the BLM’s fertility control solicitation is an effort not to help the horses and burros, but rather to pad the bottom line for the companies and private ranchers that graze their livestock on public lands at taxpayer expense.


Sienna Wallace

WBF’s 2nd Annual Short Story Contest’s Equine-Loving Celebrity Reader: Sienna Wallace

Joining us this year for our Second Annual Short Story Contest as an Equine-Loving Celebrity Reader is young actor Sienna Wallace!

Sienna is best known for her role as Dolly in Black Beauty for Disney+. While still young, she continues to make a name for herself, appearing in Change, and Warrior which is now in production.

We are delighted to have Sienna join us for the first time this year by reading one of our winning stories and thank her for lending her voice to protect wild horses.

Submit your writings soon; the final deadline has been extended to November 15th, 2022!

Don’t delay! The deadline to enter our Short Story Contest is only a few days away! Submit your short stories now so they can be sure to get into our judges’ hands. To learn more about the short story contest or submit your story, visit our website!

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A Still from Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West

A Thank You from WBF

The life of a wild horse advocate is difficult, heart wrenching, and rewarding all at the same time. We at WBF want to take a moment to thank everyone involved in this fight, for giving their all toward the protection of wild horses, and for being the voice of our wild ones. It is because of compassionate individuals like you that we are able to make lasting impacts in the lives of wild horses, and people alike. Whether you have experienced the beauty of a wild horse firsthand or long to see them protected from worlds away, it takes all of us standing together with wild horses to bring about change.

In the past few months, hundreds of messages were sent to Members of Congress urging them to stand with the wild equines we love. Emails and letters sent to the BLM led to an increase in transparency within holding facilities, something that could only be done through the power of our collective voices. As an ever increasing number of people are speaking out against the government’s inhumane handling of wild horses on our public lands, we can’t help but be encouraged by all the involvement surrounding the cause.

In addition to the outpour of support for wild horses, we can’t forget all those opening their hearts and homes to a wild horse of their very own, providing them with the safety and love they deserve. From the Triple B to Alpine wild horses, many have found wonderful homes over the past few months and we are incredibly grateful. 

Finally, we want to thank those who have supported Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West. The feedback we have received from audiences across the United States has been overwhelmingly positive. We are so thankful that the film has been so well-received, and we hope that it continues to inspire others to stand with wild horses and the beauty of our greater wild world. #IStandWithWildHorses

– The Wild Beauty Foundation Team


Photo Credit: Sahna Foley

Glimpse of Wild Beauty

Sweet Onaqui wild horse, One Ear, strides across the beautiful western landscape in this stunning image by Sahna Foley.


Photography by Jim Brown

A Quote to Graze On

“Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.”



We honor those who fought for our freedom this Veteran’s Day. To both past and present service members, We at WBF thank you.


Thank you for being a supporter of wild horses, and protecting the wild beauty of our world.
– The WBF Team

#istandwithwildhorses #wildbeautyspirit

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