Allison Allgood

Allison Allgood w/ Horse
Allison Allgood


Nineteen-year-old, Allison Allgood is a passionate horse lover and Advocacy Volunteer for The Wild Beauty Foundation. Currently attending the University of West Georgia and working toward a bachelor’s degree in Film and Video Production, Allison hopes to incorporate her love of the equine world into creative entertainment after graduation.

In 2018, Allison began volunteering at a local therapeutic riding facility where she found beauty in the connection between horses and humans. Her favorite part of volunteering is seeing the healing wonders of spending time with a horse and practicing groundwork techniques in order to better communicate with an equine partner.

Upon learning about the plight of wild horses within our country, she began researching how she could lend her voice to the cause. This is when she found The Wild Beauty Foundation. While her interest in wild horses grew, she discovered WBF’s Short Story Contest and decided to rekindle her abandoned love of creative writing to enter the competition. To her surprise, her story “Wild as the Stars” placed first in the 2021 High School Age category. She credits this experience with reintroducing her to a passion she had lost while navigating high school.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching movies, reading, writing, and practicing hobbies that blend her love of horses and art, such as equine photography and painting model horses. When finding a new hobby or interest, she often asks herself “How can I incorporate horses into this?”

Allison is incredibly grateful to have been offered the opportunity to intern alongside the amazing team at The Wild Beauty Foundation, leading to her role as Advocacy Volunteer. She continues to be inspired by the wonderful work of the foundation and is proud to have a small part in their efforts to protect America’s wild horses.